Fat & Fearless: Cropped Out Spring

Ok Ok! So I know I’ve been wearing quite a few cropped pieces these days, but it is definitely one of the most liberating feelings ever! I swear there is something about picking out the clothes you like and just wearing it with no concerns to anyone else’s thoughts that makes you feel awesome!!


Allow me to introduce the ‘Rumor Has It’ Maxi Skater Set. In another post I mentioned that I had been browsing Rebdolls and found some items that I absolutely adored. This was one of them! I loved how the color just screamed “Summer!” to me.


The material was light and stretchy with lots of comfortable breathing room. So far I’ve been absolutely pleased with how well Rebdolls sizes their clothes. This is a 5x and I wasn’t worried about my circulation being cut off in this as I have been when I purchase from other alleged “plus size” friendly stores.

This was easy to pair with a comfortable sandal. I chose a pair of Betula Birkenstock sandal that I already owned since it was a day at the park with the kiddies.


If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear on a casual day I would definitely recommend this.

In the end, I was happy and feeling carefree which is exactly what I wanted. Does this mean everything I buy now will be cropped top? No! But experimenting with this kind of look allows me to be more adventurous in shopping which is something I need to work on. This was definitely a win for me!