Let’s Get Real About Weight

I’ve been on a weight loss journey seemingly all my life! But no seriously; within the last ten years my weight has fluctuated so much that I feel like I’m always in this weight purgatory. Today I’ve decided to share a little more detail about my health and what I’m going through.

I think sometimes when you’re fat, obese, overweight, plus size or however you identify; we find ourselves trying to be this image that is accepted by people. I find that this can take away from the honesty in one’s journey. So a few months ago I decided to vlog my weight loss journey on my YouTube page which you can check out HERE. I’ve also shared a few of these videos here on this blog. Today’s video was extremely important for me to vent. I’ve felt very depressed these last couple of months and I felt talking about it was much better than me writing about it. Check it out below and share your thoughts and experiences with me!