Pregnancy Blues, Eating Healthy and Other Stuff

I can’t believe I actually made the time to sit down and write in this blog! I feel like this deserves a pat on the back! 🙂 All jokes aside, being exhausted doesn’t do much for my literary genius and I also happen to be writing for a really cool blog called Atlanta Area Moms Blog which is really cool and you should really check it. Think of it as a nonexclusive club of moms with different backgrounds sharing their ideas, thoughts, tips, trips, family fun activities, meal ideas and more. It’s like a one stop shop of mommy greatness!

Besides that, my life is pretty much as chaotic as it always is. I am 37 weeks pregnant and due for a c-section in 2 more weeks. I am stuffed to capacity and ready to meet this little guy. I am super tired of everyone asking “Are you still pregnant?” because in my mind my response is SO sarcastic but instead I smile politely and try not to let them see me roll my eyes. Lets skip being captain obvious folks. If you’re uncomfortable with how uncomfortable I look just imagine how I must feel. Let’s just skip this question or any other commentary on how huge I am and I won’t have to unleash my mean lady comments ok? Just say hello and act like you don’t even see this growth hanging from the front of me.

Summer is in full effect which means the kids are out of school. TGFC! That’s short for Thank God for Camp. I enrolled them back in the spring because I just knew that a summer spent listening to “I’m bored”and “she/he hit me” was going to drive me down a path of no return. Glad I listened to my intuition. I’m working from home for the remainder of this pregnancy and I totally cherish the amount of silence that I can indulge in. By the time the kids come home, they’re so tired they barely have time to speak to me let alone each other before they’re passed out. As an idealistic mom I’m sure I’m breaking some June Cleaver code but as a real mom with real life nerves I feel absolutely terrific. What’s missing? Wine, a huge bottle of wine. In due time.

So, weight is clearly a topic in my house being that my husband and I are both plus sized and my little guy is turning into a little husky guy before my eyes. My daughter clearly does not share the same genes, however, we’re making a family effort to eat healthy. We’ve cut down on sugary snacks and drinks, encourage more fruit and drinking of water and we’ve decided to incorporate a lot more veggies in our dinner meals. So after perusing Pinterest I was able to locate some simple meal plans on a budget that were on the healthier side.

Last night I decided to make stuffed zucchini boats. The original recipe can be found here. Let it be known that I took creative license but it was still worth it. In terms of portions I pretty much doubled everything the original recipe called for because there was no way anyone in my family would be full off of one zucchini boat.


4 Zucchinis

1 lb ground beef

1/2 cup of red/yellow/orange pepper

1/2 cup of red onion

1 packet of Sazon

1 1/2 cups of Ricotta cheese

2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese

garlic salt and pepper to taste

1/2 cup of mozzarella cheese

So, I preheated the oven to 400. I sliced the zucchinis length wise and scooped out the middle and set it to the side. I sprayed a cookie sheet with coconut spray.


Next, I took my zucchini pulp, peppers, onions, Sazon packet and beef and fried them in a wok pan with a dab of virgin olive oil. Once that mixture was nice and brown I mixed it in a bowl with the ricotta and cheddar cheese.


(doesn’t look very appetizing but it tastes great I promise!)

Using a tablespoon, I scooped the mixture into the zucchini halves until they were packed. I put them in the oven for 30 minutes.


After the 30 minutes I pulled them out the oven and sprinkled the mozzarella on top popping them back in the oven for about 10 minutes. The end result was:


The family thoroughly enjoyed with the exception of my son who pretty much hates anything healthy.

So what about you mamas? What healthy dishes do you swear by? Share here or visit me on Facebook!