And Just When I Thought I Had it All Together

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I look up and realize I have not posted in this blog in a year. A WHOLE YEAR. Now this isn’t to say that I haven’t been blogging…but I’ve totally neglected this blog. And I guess the reality is…transitioning from SAHM to working mom means there aren’t as many crafting days with the kiddies…and parenting has not been the blast I wanted it to be in the last year and I’m forced to wonder if my going back to work has anything to do with it.

Where to begin…I guess the biggest news is: WE’RE EXPECTING! And by we’re I mean I am carrying a baby while my husband looks on. Lol. I am currently 6.5 months with our 2nd (and last) little boy Jaxon Norman. Baby Jax is growing at a lovely pace though some days I wish I could speed it up for my own selfish reasons.

I was beyond shocked to find out I was expecting back in November. I remember peering at the faint blue plus sign in the bathroom stall at work wondering if it was bad lighting or was I really baking a bun. 1 whole week later a blood test confirmed that yes indeed I was growing life.

It was a scary anxiety filled first couple of months having lost a pregnancy in August 2014. It felt like a dream I couldn’t wake up from…something I grieve to this day; so having the opportunity to have another chance is scary but delightful all in the same breath.


I have to admit that it’s been so long since my son was born I forgot all about the woes and pros of pregnancy. My youngest will be 8 just a few days before Jax is delivered. We are literally starting all over again!


I suppose it’s apropos we say some prayers because I’ve gotta tell you I am NOT prepared!

In the meantime; 8 months into my job I received a promotion. Yaaaay! The downside to that is I still feel an immense amount of guilt about my lack of energy…now coupled with pregnancy that adversely affects my parenting.

I know that it’s all an adjustment. However, my daughter is in the throes of preteenage angst as we’re on the cusp of her 13th birthday and my son was diagnosed with ADHD. I am literally pulling my hair out trying to find the right balance so that we’re still the functional family we once were. I recognize it takes time…but I am terrified with what’s on the horizon with the new addition.

I definitely plan to share my journey about what it’s like having a little guy with ADHD. There’s a lot of truth and myth swirling out there in the universe and I would definitely like to share my version.

Our 7 year anniversary is also coming up; what a way to celebrate! New life and children that are constantly growing, changing, and developing into their own versions of people.

I think I’ve pretty much covered all the highlights of my little boring life; so now that we’re all caught up I promise I will try to make time to sit down and really share my thoughts.

After all…I am just another mother! 🙂

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  1. I enjoy your blog AP! I can totally relate to being a stay at home mom back in 1989 when many of my associates & family members did not understand why I left a promising career to try to raise up our daughter with the mental regulating of Jehovah. All I came to realize was how lacking I was in obtaining his laws and orders upon my own heart, so we took a spiritual journey together, helping one another try to to follow in the footsteps of Jesus our Exemplar. We still are helping each other focus our attention on the things above, even as we take false steps and sometimes stumble along this narrow road that will lead all humble ones exercising genuine faith in Jehovah to righteousness!


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