Just A Snippet of My Life

I really must get better at working and blogging! I didn’t imagine that going back to work was going to change things so much for me….and then I started working and it definitely changed so much for me! However, I am pleased to say I think I’m getting over the hump finally.

While I was job searching, I didn’t think anything would turn up as quick as it did. Then POOF! It happened. Suddenly my days of laundry, running errands, volunteering at the kid’s school and crafting was turned into early mornings of being out the door before my kids were fully dressed for school.

I’m pleased to say they’re adjusting much better than I anticipated. My son being the champion he is; won a LOT of awards during his honors ceremony at school!


Top reader in first grade award
Citizenship award
Honors medal
He was awarded a telescope, a Book set, ticket to Six Flags and tickets to a Braves game.

The sad part about this was I was not able to get off of work to go; but dad was front and center and I’m so grateful for his support.

Meanwhile, my daughter turned 12 recently:


And her teacher sent home that lovely card above. It makes my heart swell with pride to know that when they’re out in public that something is clicking that we’re teaching them; and it shows, and other people recognize it. It makes me feel like despite my transition back to work; I’m still doing a decent job alongside my husband.

Speaking of husband, our six year anniversary is coming up this month and I just can’t believe it has arrived so soon! We’ve been thru so much so it pleases me to see how far we’ve come. I’ve had some really tough days, I’m still juggling my depression; that’s a war that I continue to wage. I’m just glad to say today, that I’m here, alive and well. Perhaps a little bit more tired than I was before; but appreciative nonetheless.

I hope to be back soon with my new crafts and jewelry that my daughter and I will be making. HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND!!!