Snow Day (Sans the Snow) Blues

I am not a winter person AT ALL. Not even a little bit. I grew up in the north, Connecticut to be specific. When I turned 18 I migrated only 3.5 hours to Philadelphia. Winter always sucks in the North. When my husband and I decided to move to Georgia I was SUPER excited because I thought I could escape the proverbial winter blues. So far, not a chance. Georgia does not seem to care about my thoughts on how being in the south should mean warm winters. Lol

Don’t get me wrong, Georgia has been warmer than most days I’ve spent in the North in the winter. However, Georgia seems to simply shut down and stop moving at the hint of snow possibly coming. In my day they delayed school for 90 minutes to allow time for the streets to be plowed, salted and sanded. And that was after INCHES of snow. Here, there will be NO inches of snow and school will be closed.

Really I’m complaining about this because my children and my niece and nephew are home today lol. I anticipated a nice little quiet day to myself, with a good nap nestled in there. Instead I’ve been bombarded with a barrage of commentary and questions. Hubby is working from home today as well…and maybe I wouldn’t mind so much if I was getting laid..but I’m not because he’s actually working.

I need spring, summer, warm weather and blue skies. I want sun dresses and cute gladiator sandals and new sunglasses and this year I’m totally trying a floppy hat! I want beaches and parks and pool time with the family! I want out of this dreary, depressing weather that looks as if it’s soundtrack should be a Lana Del Ray CD!

I am boycotting this mess until spring returns! But while I boycott; arts and crafts will probably happen. I’ll keep you posted.

So what do you do on your snow days??