Kids’ Fashion: Ashiyra Monet Edition

This blog is dedicated to the most awesome fashionista I know; my daughter Ashiyra Monet. If there’s one person in my household who is certain of her fashion choices and wears them with confidence it is totally her. Ashiyra has been fashionable since she was a baby:


But of course that was more due to mom’s choices than hers :-p. Now that she’s 11 and coming into her own; I try hard not to limit her choices. As long as she is not being inappropriate and stays in her lane for her age I don’t interfere. I let her pick out her own clothes and dress herself. So, this blog is Ashiyra Monet’s Look Book. Things to note is that my daughter is 5’4 107 lbs. She’s not the average height of an 11 year old so gone are the days of buying her clothes in the girl’s section. So some of her clothes had to be purchased in the juniors or women’s department of some stores Le sigh.



Eyelash Dress Burlington Coat Factory 

Shoes: Strappy Wedges (low heel) Burlington Coat Factory

Super Woman


Homecoming week they did Super Hero Shirts!

Super Man Tee Walmart Ladies



Ka-Pow Tie Shirt Walmart

Jeans Jordache Slim Skinny Jean Walmart

Ballet Flats Walmart

Breast Cancer Awareness Week


Pink Ruffle Shirt & Plaid Leggings – Full set Walmart

Lacey Lady


Lacey Top – I wish I knew where it came from but it was a gift from her Mima!

Jordache Skinny Jean Walmart

Riding Boots Sears

Zig Zag Fun


Pink Zig Zag Dress Walmart

Faux Leather Half Jacket Rainbows

Moto Boot Simply Fashion Stores

Young Lady of Distinction Look


For her YOLD Inductee Ceremony we went with a

One Piece Dress from JC Penny

Ballet Flats Walmart

Little Lady


Black Blouse w/ Necklace Rainbows

Floral Print Pencil Skirt Rainbows

Low wedge Suede shoe Rainbows

Little Lady II


Pink Blouse w/ Necklace Rainbows

Polka Dot High-Waist Pencil Skirt Rainbows

Low Wedge Suede shoe Rainbows


Sometimes my little guy gets in on the Fashion Fun! And sometimes Mom makes them match!


3 Piece Vest Outfit – Walmart                                  Her: Velvet Black Dress Walmart Him: 3 piece Argyle Set Walmart


Matching! 🙂                                                            Her: Heart Dress & Leggings Walmart Him: Batman Jersey Walmart                                                                                       

I try and let my kids be themselves and let them choose how they want to create for themselves with their fashion. It’s a way for them to express themselves and I never want to hinder them. My daughter is definitely more so into fashion than him and that’s ok lol. But shopping with them has become something fun that we get to do together!

What’s in your kid’s closet? Share their looks with me!