Sometimes I’m a Lady! (Fatshionable Mommy Moments)

For a long time I was never really into fashion. I let the duties of motherhood and the anxieties of life prevent me from investing in my physical attributes. I’ve never been big on makeup or false lashes etc. I’m pretty bland when I get down to the nitty-gritty of it. Lol That being said, over the last few years I’ve stepped my mommy fashion up because it just made me feel good!

My husband and I have been going on dates and I find when I step out with him I like to look and feel my best. One of the hardest parts is that I am a plus size woman. It’s hard to find flattering items and just because things are labeled plus size doesn’t mean they really fit. I now shop any and everywhere that I can and I try to mix and match my style in a way that represents me!

I’ve been inspired by the likes of women such as Chastity Garner, Saucye West and Cynthia just to name a few. They are inspirational plus size bloggers who show no fear in being fatshionable. So today I’m going to share a few of my favorite “going out looks” and perhaps I too can inspire another plus size mama to seize the day and go for it with fashion!

The Romper


Lacy Cardigan purchased from Torrid

Romper purchased from Glamazon Fashions

Shoes from Barefeet Shoes

The Tutu Cute

tutu cute

Half Faux Leather Jacket from Rainbows

Red Tank Top from Rainbows

Tutu Skirt from Glamazon Fashions

Shoes from Rainbows

Leopard Printed Fun

Leopard print dress

Leopard print dress from Glamazon Fashions

Half Faux Leather Jacket from Rainbows

Leggings and Shoes from Rainbows

Printed Joggers

printed joggers

Basic Black Tee from Walmart

Printed Jogger pants from Rainbows

Color Block Dress

grey dress

Dress from Lane Bryant Outlet

Cardigan from Lane Bryant

Boots from Payless

Some of the things I’ve learned over the years is that trying to run from my rolls and my fat won’t make them disappear. I’m doing the best that I can to eat healthier and stay active. In the interim why can’t I feel good with how I dress? Everyday won’t be a fatshionable day. I still wear sweats and leggings and holey t-shirts around the house lol.

Stores I like to shop at include:

Forever 21 Plus

Glamazon Fashions


Lane Bryant


Ashley Stewart

Simply Fashion

and any other place that is bargain and plus size friendly! Now that I’ve shared how about you? Where do you like to shop?