**WARNING: Graphic Photo** This is a Blog Post About My Health and A Doctor’s Negligence

I have been absent the past few days because I’ve been busy trying to recuperate. I don’t even know where to begin, so I’ll start with saying how angry I am. This story begins August 28,2014 when I had a procedure to remove my pregnancy because the baby’s heart had stopped beating for reasons unknown. The hospital I had this surgery done at was Dekalb Medical Center in Decatur and the surgeon was Dr. Rodney Durron of Durron Durron OBGYN Practice.

This story is going to be more specifically about this man:


Meet Dr. John Cicero Crawford II. He was my ob/gyn since I arrived here in Georgia. He is the one who discovered my baby’s missing heartbeat and he has been my follow up doctor ever since. I never was fond of this practice to begin with. To put it mildly it’s ghetto, over crowded and understaffed. Whenever I’ve had an appointment I’ve sat at least 3 additional hours simply waiting to be called. This does not include the wait time once I’ve been put in a room.

On 1/6/2015 I began to experience severe abdominal cramping which was the equivalent of being in labor. I could barely stand nor move. My husband took me to the emergency room where I sat and waited to be seen even though my blood pressure was sky high and thru the roof. Once I was finally put in a room, a nurse took blood and urine and disappeared for awhile. She came back with percocets and a cup of water. The attending physician that night came in the room, told me my labs weren’t significant, prodded my belly a bit and told me to follow up with my Gyn the next day since I had an appointment. At this time no ultrasound, or pap-smear was administered. I was sent home with a prescription for narcotics and a pat on the head.

The following day I went to see Dr. Crawford who had absolutely no interest in finding out what’s wrong with me. He insisted I was probably just responding to missing a depo shot. Now this is not my first time on depo in my life and this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve missed a shot, and let me be clear in saying that this pain has never occurred. I expressed this to Dr. Crawford who simply repeated himself. He told me to get my shot and I would be perfectly fine. He then told me because my labs were clean at the hospital, there was no need to have any further testing, no pap-smear or no ultrasound. Also because I wasn’t bleeding this wasn’t a concern.

I was sent home once more with a pat on my head, made to feel like a hypochondriac and though my pain had subsided substantially thru the use of pain management; I still had no answers. Over the course of the last month I’ve had this pain off and on but none as bad as it was…that is until 2/2/2015. A couple of days preceding this date I began feeling what I thought were menstrual cramps which is odd because I don’t get periods on Depo. Over the course of the day the pain increased to such discomfort I was once again balled up in agony. Instead of going to the ER right away I tried to tough it out through the night because I didn’t want to go all that way just to be told I was being a big baby.

I got no real sleep as once again; it was like being in labor, and who can really sleep through labor? The next morning/early afternoon I was trying to find a comfortable way to lay in my bed. I suddenly felt wet in my lower region, kind of like my water had broken except I AM NOT PREGNANT. So I stood up (barely) and quite to my surprise something fell out of me. I am going to warn you that I am posting the pic below so if you are squeamish this not for you.


Quite to my surprise there was not a boatload of blood; just a clear fluid I couldn’t identify. I quickly put it in a baggy because in the past with miscarriages I’ve always been told to try and collect tissue if you pass any. As I cleaned myself up I began to pass more clots, varying in size, some of them varying in texture, consistency and color. Still no major bleeding. By the time I arrived at the ER I explained to the registry nurse what my symptoms were and that I had been here just a month before. Except THIS time I had proof in a bag there was an issue. Once again my blood pressure was sky high and they ran the same labs.

I sat for hours in dire pain before someone finally got the picture that I was SICK. I was quickly rushed to a room and given percocets. I explained to the nurse she needed to take this tissue to the doctor which she did begrudgingly. Once the doctor came she immediately told me that just looking at the tissue clot that it was infected; which meant I had an infection. She immediately had me put on an IV for fluids, morphine and a round of antibiotics. I was sent for an ultrasound and given a pap-smear (all things that were not done my first visit a month ago though the symptoms were exactly the same.)

After all was said and done I was told that I had bad bladder infection, and endometritis from *drum roll please* RETAINED PRODUCTS OF CONCEPTION. Yes you read that right. There was still product from my pregnancy in AUGUST left in my uterus just rotting away and causing an infection inside my uterus. 6 friggin months I’ve been walking around with pieces of pregnancy just chilling in my womb. For a month I’ve had a serious infection that could have been corrected awhile ago had someone just listened to me. I was sent home with 2 types of antibiotics and pain medication.

The last few days have been spent with me in the bed, absent from day to day activities because the medication and the pain have had me under the weather. This is the first day in 4 days that I’ve been able to walk almost normally. There is still some residual cramping. I have a follow up with a GYN Monday; but needless to say I won’t be returning to Dekalb Medical for anything.

I’m worried what this infection could have done to me; I won’t know the severity until I’ve seen some specialists. Already though, on my Ultrasound there were a few notes made that have given cause for concern. Losing that pregnancy devastated me and it has taken me the course of 6 months to truly heal from it. Going through this ordeal has just drudged up all the feelings I was feeling over this loss.

If you live in the Decatur area or Dekalb County; my advice to you? STAY AWAY FROM DOURRON DOURRON OB/GYN Practice and Dekalb Medical Center.