2 Projects, 1 Night: Toilet Paper Tube Aliens & Shoe Box Hair Salon

I promise this blog is a lot cleaner than the title sounds ;-). I spent my evening doing a couple of arts and crafts with my husband, son and daughter. I gave them separate crafts to do because I thought my daughter might have found the one I did with her brother a little below her tween attention span.

The crafts I did were really simple and more about spending time talking with the kids about school and life. On a really happy side note; my son was recommended for his school’s Gifted Students program and we couldn’t be more proud! He’s really taken to school and I’m glad because my worry was after home schooling he might not transition well.

Back to business though!

Toilet Paper Tube Aliens:

I’ve been collecting the tubes from toilet paper for a couple of weeks now. Eight people in the house you can imagine that toilet paper goes quickly. We really just dug in the art box and applied whatever we felt like after painting the tubes a base color. The end result:


I’d like to make note that the end tube alien on the right was made by my husband. It makes me chuckle every time I look at it.

On to the next!

Shoe Box Hair Salon

I admit I’ve been slow to buy my daughter a doll house because the last one she had about a year and half ago she destroyed. So, while I save to get her the one of her dreams; she uses her imagination a lot utilizing items in her room. She has this old sneaker box that she uses as the hair salon; so I suggested we turn it into one. We decorated the outside; painted the inside and decorated it too.

The end result:

frontofsalonsaloninside salonwithdolls

We had fun just designing decorations, painting and using our imagination. Most of all we had fun just spending time and talking together. I know that these moments won’t last forever as she is getting older and pretty soon arts and crafts with mom will be at the bottom of her list.

My back is sore from sitting on the floor all evening, my knee is killing me after running errands with my Mom today. I think it’s safe to say I’m ready for a cup of tea, ibuprofen and a whole lot of sleep.


How about taking washable finger paint and letting your kids be kids?? Lol This was yesterday’s project! What fun!