When the Little Things Feel Like Big Things….

….I’ve got to share. I actually meant to share a few days ago but I’ve been so exhausted and side tracked by a million other things. So, as I’ve shared on this blog before, I’m sure you guys have picked up by now that me and my preteen are going thru a bit of a phase. You know, the phase when I tell her to do something and she pretty much thinks she doesn’t have to. The stage where she’s feeling stuck between wanting to play dolls and trying to push the limits of what kind of lip gloss she’s allowed to wear. Basically, I’ve reached the beginning of Death Com lV of our adolescent years together.

At any rate, it’s felt like I’ve been repeating myself at an exponential rate daily about the things my children should be doing. The other morning I went into her bedroom to wake her up and I was expecting to do my regular walkthrough of her bedroom and provide an oral summation of all the things she did not do.

But wait!

To my surprise I tripped over nothing as I fumbled in the dark for her light switch. Much to my pleasant surprise when the light came on my daughter’s room was ACTUALLY clean! I woke her up and smothered her in kisses and told her how much I loved her and appreciated her efforts. She had reorganized her closets, drawers, vacuumed and organized her nightstand.

PicMonkey CollageI don’t ask for perfection, I just like neat and clean! It was so amazing to not have to say a word to her or nag! And for the last couple of days she has been maintaining this. Feels like there’s hope after all…hopefully I’m not speaking too soon!!! 🙂