DIY: Puffy Paint

For months I’d been saying I was going to try to make Puffy Paint with my kids. Problem was, I kept putting it off because of things like…you know…procrastination. I’d seen it on a blog somewhere and immediately thought “O that looks fun.” But as I googled puffy paint I kept coming across all these recipes that seemed far to involved  to make when I could just go to the store and buy it. However, Quirky Momma to the rescue once more as I found the simplest recipe to follow.

Today I’m sharing my results!


  • Shaving cream
  • Glue (like Elmer’s school glue)
  • Sponge paint brushes
  • Bowl


Per usual, I went right to Dollar Tree & Family Dollar to pick up these ingredients (i.e shaving cream & glue). There’s no need to find the fanciest shaving cream you can buy because it’s not going on anyone’s face. Cheap dollar store shaving cream is sufficient.

Directions (Are you ready? Because this is soooooooooooo hard lol):

Pour the shaving cream and glue in the bowl together equal parts. I poured the glue and let my son spray the shaving cream because he found it fun. Once you put the desired amount in the bowl you just stir it together good and it will look like this:


As you  can see, one of those bowls has blue paint; I dropped a few drops of food coloring in it to give it some zest. I made this paint at this particular time because my son had an I Have Dream Mobile project which included the usage of clouds. I figured why not give him something unique to decorate his mobile base. My nieces and nephews were visiting so we made the snowmen as well.

Ihaveadreampuffypaint Snowmanpuffypaint

In all I’d say making puffy paint was a lot of fun and there was minimal preparation or clean up needed. You can store this paint in squeezy bottles for later usage if you’d like. There was none left after my kids and crew were done, so maybe I’ll make another batch at a later time!