The Responsibility Battle

SO, we all know as parents one of our major jobs is to help mold productive human beings that will somehow become an asset to society sometime in the future. I know that much of this starts with the foundation and structure that is in the home. I pride myself on trying to give my kids structure despite my own lack of adherence to it in childhood (not that my mom didn’t try but that’s a story for another day on another blog).

My children have had schedules ALL their little short lives. They’ve always had tasks to accomplish and a bed time, time restrictions on electronics etc. My question is, how do I know if I’m failing???


I feel like I spend a lot of time being repetitious, and by repetitious I mean everyday I am constantly repeating the same things to my children.


Is this a game they conspire to play when I’m not looking. Like…. Mom says do this everyday but we’re going to pretend like we don’t know…

Do they enjoy how insufferable their lack of obedience is and they just want to try me?

Is it a sport, let’s see how many times we can pretend to not know what’s required of us?

I would really like “I forgot” to be banned from phrases they are allowed to use.

Maybe I’m being unreasonable, they are 11 and 6 after all. Perhaps my memory deceives me and I wasn’t anymore brilliant with doing what I was told when I was their age either.

My husband is not nearly as bothered by this as I am, he chalks it up to childhood stupidity. He’s far more patient than I am.

I really wish I hadn’t adopted my mother’s ocd eccentricities. I am convinced that someday it will get better and I will be able to celebrate that moment when it comes.

In the meantime…I look forward to bed time when I can do less instructing and more relaxing!