My Son is Black – My Very Real Fear

My son is black, that’s the very thought that made me unplug from the internet for a bit! I took a few days off from blogging here so that I could take a good  amount a time to reflect on life. I shut my Facebook page down, fasted from Tumblr and waited for my peace of mind to come. The kids are on their winter break, my daughter is in CT, so it’s really just been me and my little guy plus dad who has had the luxury of working from home this past week.

What Prompted This

With so much happening globally, whether race fueled wars happening on our soil, or the hundreds of children being murdered in war across the globe; I found myself completely disheartened.

My timeline is full of division, and opinions. Whether it’s been being for or against the cops, for or against black people, it’s totally difficult not to feel some kind of way because I am a black woman after all. More importantly my son black. I don’t think there’s anything that evokes more fear than thinking one day my son is going to walk out of this house and not come home because he was shot for looking intimidating.

Unplugging to Ground My Thoughts

It was with these thoughts that I tearfully took my fast from social media. I just wanted to be happy, happy with my family and block out all the noise of this sad, sad world. I don’t think I imagined that in my lifetime these things would have to be my concern. More and more the only thing I can seem to focus on is my little unit.

In a world full of cruelty and ignorance I’d like to give them memories that they can recall a lifetime. Memories full of happiness and good times that came from the hearts of their parents. I want to give them my protection and shield them from this chaos; but in reality I know that I cannot. The most and best I can do is prepare them for this world so they are not cultured shock.

Keep Conversation Open

I don’t shield them from the news, I talk to them openly about the things they hear and see. But it’s always with a firm reminder that no matter what; they are loved. I think it’s so important that they know that. These past few months have simply reminded me the gift and the blessing that children are. That nothing, not one person should be taken for granted. I realize that in an instant it could all be gone.

So it’s with that thought that I encourage each and everyone of you to love your children, your mates, your parents, your siblings and make sure they know it.

Life is simply too short.