To Work or Not to Work? That is the Question…

To work or not to work? That is the question. So I’ve been at this stay at home thing for less than a year and already I’m contemplating my return to work. I know I know, this may seem like a cop-out but I promise it’s not. Financially, all the responsibility lies on my husband to pay the bills and while that’s noble, it doesn’t feel very realistic in this economy.

I’ve been blessed to have a modest income up to this time working from home, but that’s all about to change. The idea of leaving him to balance the checkbook makes me feel like I’m not being a dutiful partner. I’m thinking I’d like to return to work at least part-time in order to assist my household.


  • We’ll have 2 incomes which always makes things easier
  • We’ll have more flexibility in terms of family vacation
  • We will be able to afford the 2nd car
  • We’ll be more financially stable
  • I can help relieve some of the pressure my husband shoulders
  • I am on the right combination of meds which is a huge help in terms of my mental capabilities


  • I’m worried about being overly tired and having less time for my kids
  • I have extreme anxiety and a perfectionist attitude that usually results in manic, ocd behavior when I’m in the working world
  • My patience is always thinner when I’m juggling the tasks of home and work
  • Transportation – we only have one car so I’d need something on a MARTA route

In the end, whatever decision I make, I am glad to have the supportive husband that I do. He always stands by me no matter how absurd my behavior and how crazy I can be. I know that together we’ll make the decision that benefits us the most. It’s a rare gem these days to have a man who is willing to support his wife’s endeavors of staying at home or going to work and for that I am so extremely thankful! I’ll keep you guys posted!