Airport, Teeth Extraction, Drugs O My!

Airport run anyone? I definitely started my weekend off with a bang this past Friday. Every year my daughter goes home to our native state Connecticut to visit with her family.

Usually this  includes a three hour drive. This time the difference is we are more than 17 hours away. This was her first time flying as an unattended minor, so you have to understand how my anxiety was through the roof.

How the Day Began

At the crack of dawn I got up to make sure my daughter finished packing up. To beat the early morning Atlanta traffic, we left pretty early.

To kick things off ; we entered the Airport on the International Only side. Luckily they were kind enough to process her boarding. Stripping practically naked we made it through security. The catch?Her Noxema was confiscated. We hopped on the train shuttle and headed to the correct gate for her departure.

I met her flight attendant babysitter and watched tearfully as my child entered the plane without me. I’m so used to her traveling to Connecticut. But this was a first for us both and we were emotional about it.


Even though she consistently works my nerves and I’m constantly trying not to pull my hair out I still will miss her. My kids are definitely a major part of my life and when they are absent I feel it.

Dental Nightmare

Rushing from the airport to drop my husband off to work I managed to make it to my oral surgery.

A 7 tooth extraction ya’ll!!! Four of them were wisdom teeth and an abscess that had to be drained from below the gum line. Needless to say it feels as if my face has been hit by a Mack truck.

I’m on a slew of medications, mostly antibiotics and Percocets. Cheers right? I fully intend to sleep the rest of this weekend and enjoy the time I have with my son while he’s on Winter break. What are you other moms up to this weekend?