Just One of Those Days

Just one of those days. I know, I know the title is super clichéd; but sometimes parenting feels like one big ol’ ironic cliché. Quick recap of my day goes a little something like this:

I started babysitting my 4-year-old niece recently. She’s too young to start school but has this ravenous desire to learn. So being that she wants this so badly, my sister asked me to home school her and I obliged. Now, I’m up at 5 AM in the morning because my son has to be off to the bus by 6:30, and then it’s time to get my daughter up and going. I used to be able to sneak a nap on some days, but babysitting her has now made that null and void and I am feeling it.

However, I had a blast with her little self and huge personality. Today we did arts & crafts (of course!) and she had a field day making paper bag puppets with me.


Meanwhile, by the time she goes home my rugrats are en route. My daughter had a club meeting after school which means I had to pick her up. Of course, in general Jr. high school fashion, she hopped in the car and dramatically rattled off how she had to wrap gifts for charity and some other stuff I didn’t necessarily catch.

It was my son’s day to do the bathroom so of course I have to assist which left me knee-deep in bleach like any other day. My night isn’t over, I still have to have 25 more conversations about all the reasons chores teach them how to be responsible young adults, read stories and tuck in.

I really wish I had a bottle of Moscato on hand but I do not. So, first thing on my list tomorrow after I’ve completed all my motherly duties? You guessed it, wine and spirits. Save your judgement and have a glass with me.


Bon soir